How to organize a fishing competition?

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Create your own fishing contest on FishFriender, without having to care about inscriptions, payments, points or ranking!

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Save time and visibility! All catches are shareable on your social networks as soon as they are validated. So the competitors but also the whole world can follow the competition.

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Contest organization

FishFriender can manage registrations and payments to simplify the organizer's work. Participants enter the contest from the mobile application or from the website. Once the contest joined, they only have to post their catch.

For its part, the organizer receives the catch on its validation interface, and assigns a score (pre-calculated according to the rules) to each one of them. The leaderboard is updated instantly and can be made visible by anyone live.

It is also possible to configure the contest in auto validation. In this case, commissioners chosen by the organizers record the points directly by selecting the fisherman from the list of participants. Thus, the fisherman can focus on his fishing (useful for float tube or kayak competitions for example).

Saving time and gaining visibility

Our solution offers real time savings for the commissioners. No more illegible notes on crumpled or wet paper. No longer need long counts at the end of each round, and for the overall standings at the end of the contest.

The competitor's experience is greatly improved as he will be able to consult the rankings directly from his smartphone, validate the checkpoints without wasting time, and promote the communication of the event.

They trust us

FishFriender has already organized many competitions, in different regions with different rules. We have been able to fill the specificities and special requests of each organizer: from the simple competition to the purely online competition, through competitions on several cities in parallel, on foot, float, boat, freshwater, sea. .. we adapt to everything!

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