Automatic recognition of fish species

Fish species recognition on FishFriender
Saving your catch to FishFriender is even faster with automatic fish species recognition. Shazam for fishes 🧞‍♂️🐟 !

A new algorithm trained with machine learning

Any fisherman who is at least interested in the ecosystem quickly learns to recognize the species he observes during his fishing sessions.

At FishFriender, we continually try to help you record your catches as quickly as possible so you can make the most of your time at the water's edge.

To further improve our catch recording experience, we thought it would be possible to facilitate species selection by integrating visual recognition technology. Indeed, with all the photos posted on the platform, there was probably something useful and innovative to be done.

Using a little artificial intelligence, we created an algorithm capable of recognizing the species of fish in your photo based on the catches recorded by the community. The algorithm of course makes the difference between a sea bass and a perch, but also between two species of trout such as fario and rainbow for example.

And the best part: the algorithm is embedded in the new version of the app, which means that it works offline. You can therefore continue to record your catches as usual, even if you are fishing in very remote areas, without signal!

How to use the species recognition feature?

Well, basically, you don't have to do anything special. Nothing has changed from the "world before automatic recognition" - you just need to record a catch as usual.

Immediately after selecting the photo(s) of your catch, the app still offers you to choose the species, but highlights the recognized species. You just have to click on the proposed species, no need to search or scroll! And of course, if the algorithm is ever wrong (it can happen, it is young, still in training on some species), select the right species, and it will learn as it goes.

To learn more on how to save your first catches in your fishing log, 👉 read the article here 👈

Fish species recognition on FishFriender

Using the fish species recognition feature on FishFriender

FishFriender: artificial intelligence at the service of fishing

FishFriender: artificial intelligence at the service of fishing

We will improve the algorithm continuously, if you have any feedback, on species recognition or other, as usual, do not hesitate to contact us!