Privacy Information Notice

You will find the full privacy policy in the following document (in french): Privacy policy.pdf >

For convenience and information, you will find hereafter an excerpt in english. Please report to the full document for an exhaustive details.

In order to work, FishFriender can sometimes share some data with their technical partners. You'll find here the detail of those data, and how to deactivate this sharing. Keep in mind that we never share personal information such as First and last name, or email, with partners other than email senders partners (Mailchimp and Sendgrid).

Which data, to who, and why ?

Partner Data Why ?
✉️Sendgrid Email, first and last name Sendgrid is one of our email provider, this is how we send users emails regarding FishFriender's updates. First and last name are only used to personalize emails. Emails address are not used by Sendgrid for any other purpose than sending you important email concerning your FishFriender's usage (email confirmation, reset password requests, etc).
✉️Mailchimp, Mailjet Email, first and last name We use Mailchimp and Mailjet to send you occasionally newsletter (max one / month) regarding the app and its life and news. Emails address are not used by Mailchimp or Mailjet for any other purpose than stated.
🐛Rollbar Navigation We use Rollbar to be notified of bugs on our website. Through error reporting, we receive some data such as the user id, or on which page he/she was.
📩OneSignal Device token When you grant push notifications on your phone, we transmit your device push token to our partner OneSignal, so we can send push to you. We dont send them anything else.
📊Fabric (Answers) Mobile ad IDs, UUID, Android ID, Crash traces Crashlytics help us associate crash data with specific instances of our app. We can therefore detect crashes and take appropriate actions to fix them. Crash traces and their associated identifiers are kept for 90 days.
📊Google Analytics Anonymized IP address, UDID Provides analytics to help us better understand how users use the app. Google Analytics do not provides any way of seeing what a particular user did, but only study the masses.
📊Facebook Analytics UDID We use Facebook Analytics to understand how our users use the app. Data sent to Facebook Analytics are anonymized and not used for anything else than analytics.

How to restrict this ?

Partner Restrict
✉️Sendgrid You can unsubscribe from any email sent to you through sendgrid. Please note that deactivating those emails might harm your usage of FishFriender, as you won't be able to receive a confirmation link, or a reset password link.
✉️Mailchimp, Mailjet You can unsubscribe from any mail sent to you through Mailchimp or Mailjet, or by deactivating "Newsletter' from your privacy settings in the app.
🐛Rollbar You can disable Rollbar from your privacy settings on the website
📩OneSignal Disable "Push Notifications" from your phone settings
🐛Fabric (Answers) Deactivate Fabric from your privacy settings in the app
📊Google Analytics Deactivate Google Analytics from your privacy settings in the app
📊Facebook Analytics Deactivate Facebook Analytics from your privacy settings in the app