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Whether you are a confirmed or occasional fisherman, FishFriender will teach you from your own experiences how to fish in a better way. Techniques, species, rules, spots, tackles... the fish won’t have anymore secrets for you.

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FishFriender is a digital fishing log that helps you fish better

1. I catch a fish

At sea, in a river or in a lake, your fishing log is always with you (and works offline)

2. I record my catch

I take or I import a photo, I indicate the species, the size, the weight of the fish and I associate my gear

3. I access environmental data

Are automatically recovered the tide, moon phase, weather and many others ...

Your fishing spot remains private

Only you decide what you make public

And more...

The tackle box

With more than 160,000 referenced products, select your equipment and analyze its performance on the field. Check out community reviews and order your tackles directly from our partners.

The community

Catching fish is fun, but with friends, it's even better! On FishFriender, you can do both. Because fishing is above all a matter of fun, meet anglers all around the world and share your experiences.

Species & Techniques

Want to discover how to catch a new species? Get advices on a technique? Nothing easier ! Check out our species pages and browse public catches of the community.


Want to challenge your friends? Select your criteria and follow the live ranking page to see who is the best fisherman!

FishFriender, the Global Fishing Platform

FishFriender is the best meetingplace for all fishing players : anglers, pros (guides, distributors, retailers...), institutions (federations, associations...)

Together, connect with millions of fishermen around the world who share the same passion and let’s build the fishing of tomorrow!

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