Fishing tips

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in fishing, you always need fishing tips and advices on specific spots, techniques, equipment, species or weather conditions.

Tips on fishing spots

On FishFriender, anglers have the option of making their fishing spots public. Thus, we have more than 50,000 fishing spots in France Switzerland and Belgium. Access to these spots is available in the premium version of the application. You will also find the detailed information of each explored catch. It is therefore the ideal tool to increase your chances of having a good fishing session.

Tips on fishing techniques and equipment

For each reported catch, members of the FishFriender community can specify the equipment used. This makes it possible to consolidate observations and to better assess the effectiveness of the equipment in the field. Thus, FishFriender is an essential comparator of fishing equipment. In addition, you can order this material directly from our partners and benefit from reduced prices. This new experience of consulting and purchasing equipment will change your view of things.

Tips on fished species

SCALE members have access to a detailed analysis of optimal fishing conditions by species. This advice is drawn directly from the contributions of the FishFriender community and recognized experts in the world of fishing. This is valuable information to help you understand the environment and improve the way you fish.

Tips on fishing conditions

What is the best moon for carp fishing? What is the ideal time of year to catch a big pike? Is it better to fish for bass in rising or falling tide? FishFriender provides pragmatic answers to all questions of the genre through playful and explicit graphics.

FishFriender is a digital fishing logbook full of valuable tips

FishFriender is a digital fishing logbook full of valuable tips