Fishing social network

Fishing is a passion based on contact and transmission. If you are looking for a social network dedicated to fishing, FishFriender is for you!

A fishing social network to share experiences

FishFriender is a social network based on the sharing of experience between fishers. The best way to learn and improve fishing is to spend time at the water's edge and interact with other anglers. So feel free to join the FishFriender community.

A social network to follow the catches of your friends

Even if your logbook can be used completely private, FIshFriender allows you to follow your friends and anglers you meet on the application to expand your network and be kept informed of each other's catches. You will quickly become addicted to the FishFriender notification which mimics the reel sound of a strike, letting you know that one of your contacts has just registered a fish.

In addition, by following some famous anglers registered on FishFriender, you will be informed in real time of the latest trends and lures that are working right now.

A social network to meet anglers around you

FishFriender is often compared to the Tinder of fishing. This is not completely wrong. You may find love with our "Find Fishers Around You" feature, but either way you will make new fishing friends. Whether you are new to a region or traveling during the holidays, you will appreciate being able to expand your network and discover new experiences by sharing a fishing trip with enthusiasts.

All the codes of social networks with more passion

If you use the main classic social networks, you will not be out of place on FishFriender. You will find the concepts of news feeds, invitations of friends and likes of posts (called Claps). FishFriender is a vertical social network in the fishing world and brings together enthusiasts and new practitioners, but also brands and institutions to build the fishing of tomorrow.

Find your friends and meet anglers on FishFriender

Find your friends and meet anglers on FishFriender