Fishing and weather conditions

Taking into account the weather conditions is essential to properly prepare your fishing. FishFriender is a comprehensive tool that will help you in this regard.

All the weather conditions of your catches

Your logbook does not only immortalize your catches. With FishFriender, all the weather conditions of your catch are automatically collected without any effort on your part. Wind force and direction, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, tide, water depth, moon, humidity, cloud cover, precipitation, ... are directly associated with each of your catches and enrich the statistics of your fishing app profile.

Follow the weather of your fishing spots

To anticipate your fishing trips, a good knowledge of the weather conditions is essential. FishFriender allows you to classify your fishing spots and obtain detailed weather forecasts with 7 days of advance notice. Thus, a simple glance is enough for you to make a choice among your usual fishing spots.

The best weather conditions for each species

It is well known that fishing and weather are closely linked. More specifically, the activity of a particular species will change from one point of the season to another depending on a set of weather conditions. With time and experience at the water's edge, the angler will learn the best times to fish, but it may take many years. Thanks to the collective experience of the community and the advice of several expert fishermen, FishFriender reveals the best seasons and weather conditions for fishing for each species.

Analysis of your logbook based on weather conditions

As you complete your logbook of your experiences, FishFriender will allow you to analyze very precisely the weather conditions of your fishing trips. You will be able to compare your personal fishing conditions with those of the whole community to improve your knowledge and your way of fishing.

All the weather conditions of your spots and your catches in your pocket

All the weather conditions of your spots and your catches in your pocket