How to log catches on FishFriender

How to log catches on FishFriender
Follow the guide to find out how to easily record your first catches in your FishFriender app!

It's time to record your first catches in the app!

If you think you have to wait until your next fishing session to start using FishFriender, you are wrong!

Indeed, like any good fisherman, you certainly have pictures of fish in your phone gallery, and it would be a shame not to be able to save them, right? Fortunately, at FishFriender we have thought of everything.

So open your app and follow the guide!

Add a catch in your logbook

Select the "+" button from the menu at the bottom of the screen. This button is used among other things to create an outlet, and is accessible at all times for greater efficiency!

Click on the

Click on the "plus" button and then on "log catch"

This will start the take catch creation flow. The first step is to select the photos that match your fish.

You have two choices here:

  1. Take a photo using the first square, useful if you have the fish in your hands!
  2. Choose a photo of a previous catch from your gallery, just by touching it. Convenient to record the catches in the evening after the fishing session!

Once the photo(s) (up to 4) have been selected, choose the species. Type its name and choose it from the list! FishFriender references more than 1,800 species, and displays by default the most recent ones you have caught. So the next catches are even faster!

Then, fill in the different measurements. Everything is optional, you can either skip the screen or enter a few characteristics such as height, weight, and release status by touching the corresponding fields. You can also increase the quantity of fish, for example for twin perchs!

Choose your pictures, species, and measurements!

Choose your pictures, species, and measurements!

You will then arrive on the catch edition screen. This screen allows you to edit all the characteristics of the catch if necessary (most of them have already been either filled in by the fisherman, or automatically by the system).

It is possible to add more details to your catch

It is possible to add more details to your catch

Now that you have reached this point, you can already save your first catch if you wish! You can always come back later to edit each of the more detailed properties.

Otherwise, here are each of the properties you can change. Apart from the species, everything is optional: each fisherman fills in what interests him (and what he wants to see in his statistics).

  • The photos, above, as well as the release video
  • The species
  • The quantity, by default at 1, which can be increased in the case of a doubled or a basket for example
  • Size and weight, modifiable at any time in the event of an entry error
  • The release status
  • The date and time, automatically retrieved from your photo, can be adjusted
  • The duration of the fight (important for epic fights!)
  • The fishing technique, interesting to understand which works best?
  • The fishing mode, to make the difference between your boat trip and on foot!
  • The position of your catch, automatically retrieved from your photo, which you can also adjust in case of imprecision
  • The level of visibility of your spot by other fishermen, by default on "private" (more details on this subject below)
  • The height and clarity of the water
  • The gear used to choose from your digital tackle box
  • The tag number on the fish, if applicable, allows the information to be passed on to our scientific partners
  • Free field for observations, to tell a little story about your catch? Good for anecdotes!
  • The level of visibility of the catch, you decide who will see your catch on the FishFriender network

How can I be sure that my spot remains hidden?


It is possible to show your catch to members of the social network without revealing the spot! This is also the app's default setting: the çatch itself is visible (public setting) and the spot is visible only to you (private setting).

Concretely, in the following illustration, this is how a private spot will be represented from your point of view (on the left) and from the point of view of another FishFriender user:

A private spot, seen from the fishermen on the left, from other users on the right

A private spot, seen from the fishermen on the left, from other users on the right

What now?

You saved your first catch, congratulations!

This is only the beginning of your adventure... Keep adding catches, check your fishing stats, go through the gear, meet other anglers... Do not hesitate to go through all the app's tabs and discover every possibility offered by the app!

Need help?

Do you need help? We're here for that. Contact us directly (learn how to here), we'll answer your questions!