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  • 1.
  • I fish under ice

  • On every frozen pond and lakes, whatever the species (trout, perch, pikes...), your fishing log follows you everywhere, and works without network!
I fish under ice
  • 2.
  • I log my catch

  • I take or import a picture, I indicate the species, the size, the weight of the fish and I associate my equipment
I log my catch
  • 3.
  • I analyze the environmental data

  • Position, wind, rain, tides, and more are automatically found and displayed
I analyze the environmental data

My ice fishing hole stays private

I decide what I share with whom

The ice fishing gear

Find all your ice fishing gear among 140 000 references: rods, reels, lines, lures, baits, everything is there. Create your own tacklebox, consult the community advices and order directly from our partners.

The community

FishFriender is a social network gathering a great community, including ice fishermen. Find friends and shar eyour experiences, or chose to stay discrete. Exchange on gear, techniques and locations.

Fish & Techniques

Whether you are fishing for trout or pike under ice, the app lets you learn more about species and techniques with info gathered from the community.


Compete with your friends by publishing your best pikes, trouts, perches!

The Map

Ready to go on frozen lakes? Don't leave without FishFriender's interactive map! Find all fishing shop and lodges, fishing guides, camps, etc... and add your own landmarks! (soon)

Check out the Map >

FishFriender, The Global Fishing Platform

FishFriender is the space of exchange privileged of all the actors of the fishing: fishermen, professionals (guides, distributors, retailers ...), institutions (federations, associations ...)

Together, let's bring together the millions of fishermen around the world who share the same passion as us to build the fishing of tomorrow!

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