🇪🇺 RecFishing.eu Programme

RecFishing.eu has launched!

RecFishing.eu is live

As a result of an EC initiative to support Member States for a better harmonisation of recreational fishing management in Europe, the RecFishing.eu portal developed by our company Halieuticom is live and is waiting for you. For the first time, Member States and other stakeholders of recreational fishing in Europe have a common platform allowing the census of recreational fishers and offering tools for better control and monitoring of the activity. A huge support to all players involved (fishers, UE, MS, fishers federations and scientists) to improve their management of the resource and build the future of fishing in Europe.

All you need to do is join the RecFishing.eu program and encourage your fishers to declare their catches!

Plug & play access with the FishFriender application

By using the FishFriender mobile app already integrated into the program, fishers from each country can easily report their catches and help enrich the platform's data. All you have to do is share the FishFriender partner declaration tool with your fishers to optimize data generation and start taking advantage of the services of the RecFishing.eu platform.

Your custom app for a specific service

You have fisheries management functions on behalf of a Member State (ministry, control agency, ...)?

The catch & session declaration tool offered by the FishFriender app allows you to start using the RecFishing.eu programme right now.

However, you might want a custom designed application in the long term, with the possibility of integrating specific services adapted to the specificities of your country's fisheries such as a licensing system or survey sharing (or other?).

With our expertise on this project, we can offer you a custom version of your declaration application that meets the criteria required to integrate the RecFishing.eu programme.

FishFriender is an official partner of the RecFishing.eu programme

FishFriender is an official partner of the RecFishing.eu programme