FishFriender, the digital fishing logbook

Ultimate digital fishing logbook, Fishfriender is the perfect tool to immortalize your catches and sessions with ease.

An easy and practical fishing logbook

FishFriender is a mobile application very easy to use in all circumstances. It has been designed to save as much time as possible when fishing. As an angler, you will enjoy recording your experiences to improve your knowledge and your way of fishing. Your fishing log will become a precious companion to keep your fishing history safe. The ideal tool to avoid losing the photos of your biggest fish and to remember all the details of your trips, even after several years.

Record your catches and sessions in your fishing logbook.

All over the world, the best anglers are taking notes of their catches and fishing sessions. With FishFriender, it's a snap.

Ready to fish? Start your session in a few clicks to confirm the time and place of departure, then let yourself be guided.

A key ? Fight your fish and don't forget to take a photo. All you have to do then is upload this photo to the application when you have some time to post your catch. Confirm the species, size, weight, technique used and material to establish accurate statistics in your logbook.

Weather conditions are automatically collected, even if your catch was several years old. So don't hesitate to save your old shots from the photos in your phone gallery. It's never too late to start using FishFriender

Find the best moon or tide to fish with your fishing logbook.

Tide, moon phase, temperature, atmospheric pressure, skies coverage, rain, humidity, ... don't waste time looking. Your catch post updates taking into account the time and position of your capture. So the more experiences you record, the more data you have to analyze your statistics and understand when fish are most active.

A confidential fishing log

At FishFriender, privacy is our priority. You can choose to share your experiences with your friends or with the FishFriender community but also decide to keep your logbook completely private. Moreover, to avoid any bad surprises, your spots are private by default.

All you have to do now is register your first catch and enrich your logbook with all your experiences to exceed your limits.